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People and organizations come to me for one major reason:  they want to find meaning in their work – they are ready to make a bigger impact.  Check out these scenarios:

SPEAKER    A medium size organization  wants to be an innovative industry leader, while being a responsible steward of the impact it has in the world, starting with the local community.  My keynote delivery inspires their employees to think about social good and positive impact in new ways, pairing my message with actionable steps that move people to  embrace social responsibility as a core competitive advantage.

BUSINESS COACH    You have an idea – is it for an app or a device?  Maybe you are not super techie, maybe you are. But you are ready to do something about this passion of yours.  Coaching with me equips you with the business tools, skills and personal growth needed to bring your tech venture to the next level.

LIFE COACH    You are at least 30-something woman..who knows what she wants, and just needs a plan to make it happen.  Sometimes you are afraid of failing, others of succeeding – either way, you are ready. You work with me to embrace the challenges of being vulnerable and authentic, creating an action plan, and sticking to it, even when it gets hard.

How will you work with me?


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