Big Hustle




The Big Hustle is for that person who is ready to take some immediate action: You want knowledge AND practice.

The Big Hustle gives you:

  • 3 group classes  of 90 minutes each, taught by Francesca
  • 2 one-on-one sessions of 30 minutes each, with Francesca
  • Downloadable, evergreen recordings of group classes and one-on-one sessions
  • Downloadable worksheets for each class

You will learn:

  • Session 1: The 6 Phases of Business Development (TM) 
    • The right tools for the right phase of your business
  • Session 2: Design for Big Impact
    • Create products that make a huge difference and generate instant fans
    • Re-launch existing products/services to serve more clients
  • Session 3: Systems for Growth
    • How to become a “learning startup”
    • Continuous product improvement
    • How to manage fast growth
  • One-On-One Sessions
    • Identify which phase your business is in, and what your immediate next steps should be
    • Create a Fast Action plan to get you to the next level quickly
    • Provide focused and tailored feedback on how to apply what you learn in class directly to your business
    • Equip you with tools to make tough decisions



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